Konrad Q and A

Why is he going to Detroit?
  • Privately: He suspects Reinardus is in torpor somewhere in, or under, Detroit. It would be far less dangerous for Reinardus to awaken, and far less dangerous to find or discover what happened to his sire, if Detroit were rid of the Sabbat.
  • Publicly: The state the Sabbat have left Detroit in, less than 25 jobs per 100 people and vacant lots totaling the area of Manhattan (I watched a TED talk about revitalizing Detroit), makes it an ideal location to capitalize on economic growth. Especially if he can earn the trust of, and a key position with, the new, Ventrue Prince.
Explain 3 near death instances you’ve had over the centuries
  1. Incapacitated in final battle with Ysengrimus, fed the blood of Ysengrimus by Reinardus.
  2. While searching for Reinardus in 1775, encountered a garou that pursued him from Fort Duquesne to the Chesapeake Bay, catching up nightly to force additional retreat.
  3. One of the more successful U-boats infiltrated turned out to have several Magi in the crew. Once discovered, hours of cat and mouse with the crew left the boat open to attack. Konrad, severely injured by the explosions, barely made it below the sunlight zone. Fortunately, some of the sinking wreckage brought drowned and drowning sailors with it.
The backgrounds you pick will all have to be explained (allies, contacts, resources, mentor, etc.) Obviously this will be finalized at character creation, but start getting some ideas.

Ideas gotten.

When were you born (actually), how old were you when you were embraced, appearance description, what did your family do for a living?

See: Konrad Timeline

Any long stretches of wakefullness, where were you, what were you doing (in summary)

See: Konrad Timeline

Any long stretches of torpor, where were you, date ranges, who looked over you.

See: Konrad Timeline

Enemies that you have made that are still around. Or maybe the enemy isn’t but someone else is who will take up their fight.

Progeny of Ysengrimus.

The dark ages was known for rampant vampire over population, the Inquisition took care of that problem. How did you survive?

Sticking close to his Prince and laying low.

In the periods you were awake, there have been many wars and battles, what sides (if any) did you take?

Only actively participated against the Third Reich.

You had to side with the Camarilla at some point, it was created at the Convention of Thorns in 1493 (Thorns, England). What did you do prior (if you are older)

See: Konrad Timeline

Who is your sire, detail as much as you know.


Who are your childer, are they still around, do you know if they created more childer?

Derek – Sired after returning from America in 1775 in hopes of relieving loneliness. Overall a mild disappointment, though indispensable the few times they were forced into combat. Konrad lost interest in travelling with Derek and they parted ways in 1812.
Benjamin – Ghoul turned progeny in the late 1950s.
Diane – Ghoul turned progeny in the early 1970s.
Kevin – Fourth childe, little is known about him.
Jacqueline – Ghoul turned progeny in the late 1990s..
(there were several ghouls in between each childe)

Have you diablorized anyone, if so who, and is your present generation because of diablorie?

None yet. But regrets passing up the opportunity to diablorize Ysengrimus.

Prior to moving to Detroit, where were you based, what were you up to?

Moved from one Camarillan city to the next as his search for his sire progressed. Avoided anywhere with Sabbat as best he could.

What are your aspirations in Detroit (position, power, recognition, something to do?)

Find and reunite with his sire while securing a position of power and influence.

Any out of clan disciples have to be taught from someone else, if you have any, how did you convince who to teach you?

None at present due to lack of freebie points.

Once you’ve decided (or been coerced) to go to Detroit, what are your first steps?

Researching the history, layout, and current leadership of the city.

See also: Konrad Timeline

Konrad Q and A

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