Konrad Timeline

1246 Birth of Konrad, son of Walther (Schenk of Limburg).

1268 Battle of Tagliacozzo with Conradin, fled to Monaco after defeat.

1269 Repented actions against papacy and joined Inquisition.

1270 Destroyed two neonates and began tracking their sire across eastern France. Found and Embraced by Reinardus.

1271 Presented to Prince of Swabia, accepts position as “cup-bearer”.

1271-1287 Occasional appearances as himself.

1287 Feigns death, takes up guise of his own nephew, sells inheritance.

1271-1494 Serves as spy for Reinardus, mostly focused on Ysengrimus. Would provide information relevant to Reinardus’ political advantage and financial gain when possible.

1494 Acts of behalf of Reinardus to take advantage of Convention of Thorns, framing Ysengrimus as an undeclared Anarch guilty of many “heinous” acts.

1495-1760 Free of Ysengrimus and unsuspected by his progeny, Reinardus “takes to the sea” to avoid his lesser enemies. Increasingly infrequent contact made with Konrad, ceasing altogether in 1763.

1763-1775 With apparent end of hostilities Konrad travels to colonies in search of Reinardus. After a near fatal encounter with garou, and another war looming, returns to Europe.

1775-1937 Migrates between France, Germany, and Netherlands, avoiding large scale conflicts.

1937 Reading Van den vos Reynaerde, propaganda featuring “Reynaerde” the fox as an anti-semitic hero fills Konrad with a hatred for what Germany has become.

1939-1945 Actively participates against the Nazis, often stowing away on U-boats, taking the place of an engineer when crewing or using protean to slip aboard. After drinking his way through the crew, or when discovered, he would scuttle the ship and return to shore.

1945-2014 Returns to Americas and resumes his search for Reinardus, moving from city to city across the former frontier. Through thorough searching and historical analysis, believes he’ll find Reinardus somewhere within Detroit.

Konrad Timeline

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