A peculiar Gangrel methuselah, who could reportedly take the form of a fox. He and his long-time rival Ysengrimus are undoubtedly the inspiration for the medieval folk tales with characters of the same names, though the actual events that inspired the tales are unknown.

Late 13th century in eastern France, Reinardus happened across a Tertiary Inquisitor, Konrad, on a hunt and decided to have fun with him. Covering the trail and laying his own instead, he lead the Inquisitor away from the original quarry. Over the following weeks Reinardus took a liking to his prey as he would double back to find the Inquisitor avoiding traps and figuring out ruses Reinardus had left behind. Reinardus saw promise in the clever and inexplicably likable man, so he quit the game and Embraced him after a brief conflict.

It took most of the return and a blood bind trip to alleviate Konrad of the beliefs and sense of duty that would endanger his unlife. As such, he was unprepared when he presented to the Prince, was made a fool while seemingly blundering into accepting a duty at court typically reserved as punishment for those the Prince wanted to keep an eye on. Reinardus himself suggested the position, the court taking it as a joke and Konrad as an honest means of regaining the respect of the Prince. With the position offered and accepted, Reinardus had an informant at the Prince’s side that few would suspect as such.

After a couple hundred years of schemes and political maneuvering, Reinardus and Konrad managed to get a Blood Hunt called for Ysengrimus, finally relieving Reinardus of his enemy. The descendents of Ysengrimus blame Konrad more than Reinardus for the loss of their sire, as Reinardus did not appear at the conclave.

Shortly afterward, Reinardus seems to have retired from the Jyhad, possibly taking to the sea like the Mariners. Konrad rarely heard from him, usually through a possessed bird finding him out to catch up and check in. The last such contact, in the middle 18th century, revealed that Reinardus had ended up in the Americas.

Despite the conversation being abruptly ended, Konrad suspects Reinardus is currently in torpor under Detroit due to his mentioning “this fort” in this last conversation and his being “tired”.


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